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    Thumbs up Picking between Debit Gas Credit Card and a Gas Credit Card

    Why do you think a gas credit card will work best to get gas? Simple: because it offers you the best deals Ė and it certainly helps you save up money. Itís no wonder why so many Americans are shifting from their usual credit cards to a gas credit card.

    A gas credit card is a good way to start for those who have owned a major credit card. Most of you may know that applying for a major card requires a credit history; and if you donít have one, then thereís a higher chance your application may be rejected. However, this is not the case for a gas credit card. You can apply for any gas credit card without a previous credit standing.

    There are two ways to get a gas credit card. One is to apply for a gas debit credit card. This works especially if you have your own bank account set up already, and all you have to do is link that account to your gas credit card. This type of card may be simple Ė and you will never have to worry on paying interest rates. When you want to purchase gas at any gasoline station, you only have to present this card, and it will directly deduct an amount from your bank account. You may load the account any time you want to. The only set back is that you get a balance especially if the card has not enough credit.

    The other type of gas credit card, are those that work just like any traditional credit cards. Every purchase you make on gas, your gas credit card will simply charge it; you instantly get a loan from all your gas purchases, or on other purchases. This might be risky, since these types of cards have interest rates and other fees for you to pay; yet, the great thing about these is that you earn rebates and rewards. Every time you use the card to purchase gas, you instantly earn 5% rebates. And if you use this card for all other purchases, you also receive 1% rebate. Once the rebate points have been accumulated, you may exchange them to cash, or simply add them up as credit to your credit card bill.

    So thatís how gas credit cards are made of. Have you figured out now what kind of gas credit card you are looking for? If you do, thatís great then. Just keep in mind that once you choose the gas credit card, remember to pay all your dues in time. It will save you lots of trouble in the future.

    More info: Gas Credit Card

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    Hi ,

    Well You are providing very good facilities, but this time I am quite satisfied with my credit card company, as it also provide many good facilities and i had used up many, and its good...

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