Ive tested all of robomarkets platforms beginning 2017 till mid 2018, i leave a bad rating because .... :

I have tested the Rtrader web platform. As of june 2018 It does not have an API. There is no market depth / dom chart. No pre and aftermarket trading - BZX Equities only. On this platform i have only experienced minor bugs, some situations i thought the quoting was slow but no proof.

Ive also tested the metatrader web platforms, with the micro account i had a bad experience. The micro account is only available through their metatrader web platform. I had deposited 40 to test the platform, during the testing, the platform started to slow down my entire pc as if it was mining some crypto coin - every website from youtube to tweetdeck or other charting sites where working fine, just the web trader of robomarkets always started slowing my pc after a certain amount of time..

I contacted the support over the issue after i lost my funds since i wasn't even able to close the positions. The answer was i had to bring evidence, no other customers have complained (yeah i would say that too).

So, i deposited another 40 and recorded the next trading session. After i submitted the video they responded that the developers have discovered the issue and it will be fixed. i was also credited with the 40 i lost with first deposit, i was still down one deposit of 40. I contacted them about this issue and got a response "they will see what they can do" , this was a week ago - so i decided to write this and post the video in addition.


COULD BE an excellent broker IF the platforms available where more professional, the compensation on incidents like this handled in a clear procedure or maybe with ombudsman - bug bounties - no punishment and avoidance tactics, proportional trading commission on Rtrader - starting at 0.