We are seeing threads about many ways to make money, but each of them
Require skills, times and knowledge to do that. It is also no one of them is
easy and if you are desperate to make sales and earn money right know
you need ask some one who can do it fast right now, not tomorrow, next week
or next month.

I mean not quick rich, but several 100s of bucks today.

So here is my advice: Ask someone, who are doing this easily and figure it out
how to make the quick cash. You need ask personally the people who are making
money daily and can give you advice, because when people ask in forum they get many
replies and dont know which one is the best.

So everyone in this forum can give suggestions with skills requirements and how long it takes. As I mentioned it should be as quick as possible. So new people will see which your fast method is best for him.

My personal quick and very fast method to earn money today:

Register in as many money making forums as you can, look at the forums section in which biggest action is: many views and many replies. Go to the section read the threads
Spend about 3-4 hours for reading the threads about what people are talking and what they usually asking, what type of answers they need, what advices for services they usually need. Be focused on what people usually asking in that forum.

Than open free paydotcom.com account register as affiliate find the product go to the forum, upgrade to vip membership, go to sell, trade section and sell your affiliate stuff.

It can skyrocket your sales it all depends how deep you analize the forum audience in the most active section that people talking about sure you can analize another one section too.

It is my simplest and easiest way to earn money, that I made thousands of bucks.

Any other quick ways to earn money on the internet to help people to earn money today ?