If you’re tech savy, scientific, into movies, video games, or are just a plain old geek, there are several franchise opportunities available for you to be a part of. A franchise is a great way to start your own business, while benefiting from the experience and support of a national brand.

Here are 5 great franchises just might be perfect for the geek in you…

5. Play N Trade - You know the concept, it’s a video game store specializing in new and used games an accessories. There are several popular corporate owned stores like this includin EB Games, GameStop, GameCrazy and so forth.

The difference with Play N Trade is the focus on interactivity including game stations, and stocking “retro” items like original NES systems, hard to find consoles and more. Play N Trade is one of the hottest growing video game retail brands, with over 230 stores popping up world wide.

4. Nerds on Site - Again, you’ve seen something similar before with Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and Circuit City’s Firedog tech support branches. Nerds on Site is similar, but just like Play N Trade you’ll be getting the opportunity to own the business, instead of just working for a large corporation.

Nerds on Site is a global brand that you can benefit from in a variety of ways. Their official franchise site, iwanttobeanerd.com has a lot of compelling reasons why you should turn your mad computer skills into a very profitable career.

3. Mad Science
- If you love science, and want the opportunity to show children and adults a like how interesting and fun science can be, then Mad Science might be just thing for you.

Science in a classroom setting isn’t always fun or interesting, but with Mad Science encourages scientific literacy in children in an age when science is as vital as reading, writing and arithmetic.

2. DVDNow Kiosks - Looking for something a little les hands on? Do you love movies? Then DVDNow Kiosks might just be for you. They have a low start-up cost, and are almost completely self sufficient. No employees to hire, or buildings to construct, simply find a hot spot with a lot of traffic, rent out the space where the DVD Kiosk will sit and customers will come to you.

If you have any kind of DVD kiosks in your your area, you now how nice it is to simply look through available titles and rent the dvds you want.

1. (Geeks on Call) - You already provide Tech support for your friend and family…why not get paid for it? the Geeks on Call franchise has recently rebranded to 1-800-905-Geek, your one stop solution for any and all tech support needs.

This franchise has the unique benefits of its name being the number you call as well. It’s instant advertising. When someone calls the number in your area, the business if forwarded directly to you. Tech support will continue to grow year over year, and there’s no reason you can’t be making a nice living doing what you love.