Choosing a child care provider is a very crucial step for parents because it is one of the major factors that will determine their child’s healthy development. It is from the child care provider that the child will gain his or her early experience and learning.

By doing some visits or making some calls to child care provider options like child care centers and family care homes, you will be able to compare before deciding which one you will choose. There is no better way of checking the quality of the program than staying for some time and observing the mechanism of the child care provider option. There are several things to remember when choosing a program or provider of child care. Following these guides will secure healthy and safe environment for your child.

• Make sure that your child will be supervised at all times, whatever he or she may be doing.

• Know the way the caregivers discipline children, which should be of consistent, positive and reasonable nature.

• Review the qualifications of the staff of the child care center, particularly of the director, which should be highly related to the field of child care. The director should have had enough experience in child care and should have fair understanding on growth and learning of children.

• Similarly, make sure that you will check the lead teacher’s qualifications, specifically a minimum of bachelor’s degree in the field of child care, as well as experiences. The teacher should also give appropriate teaching methods and equipment for the age of your child.

• The child-staff ratio as well as the group size should be acceptable. Relate the number of children in the center to the number of caregivers and make sure that the number of children per staff should be of small value.

• Ask if the child care provider has an emergency plan whenever accidents happen like regular fire drills. Also, ask if they have the proper equipments and facilities dedicated for emergency preparedness.

• Inspect on the background of the caregivers and teachers if they have any case related to child abuse. Make sure that caregivers will always be visible to other caregivers when dealing with a child to prevent child abuse.

• Inquire if the caregivers have proper training regarding prevention of child abuse, as well as signs of it and how to report whenever there is a case of its occurrence.

If the parents will be able to keep in mind the above guides, they will be able to find a child care program that will suit the needs of their child without compromising his or her safety and health.

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