The day care industry is continuously expanding. There are more than 100,000 licensed child-care centers and 250,000 licensed family day care homes across the United States alone nowadays.

The idea behind the increase in the demand for daycare centers is that there is also an increase in the mothers who spend most of their time at work in order to meet the hard and trying demands of the world. Day care centers have now proven to be a lucrative niche for owner operators, especially those who have purchased franchises. The day care industry is expanding. There are now more than 100,000 licensed child-care centers and 250,000 licensed family day care homes across the United States.

In the past, daycare centers were more like cottages operating out of remodeled houses, granny flats or small business shop fronts. Early centers were essentially baby-sitting facilities. Today's day care centers, frequently part of regional or national chains, are larger and more professionally run. Because parents want their children to get educational services, many centers require that their caregivers have early childhood education degrees. The day care industry is regulated by state law, and sometimes also by county or city, and the regulations vary widely by state.

The day-care center industry has changed a lot over the past 15 years, and industry professionals are predicting that it will change even more by the year 2010. Family-run day care centers seem to be holding their own because they are especially popular for infants and younger toddlers whose parents are looking for the family style influence. However, the smaller commercial centers are disappearing, due to difficulties in meeting increased government regulation, and buyouts by regional or national chains. The regional and national daycare chains will no doubt continue to grow.
trained. Unfortunately, those children can climb counters.

If you still want to tempt fate and see how many children it takes to cause irreparable damage to your house, your car and your body, here are four tips:

1. Keep all sharp objects, cleansers and medications in a safe place.
2. Laminate your couch, your carpets, your clothes, your ceiling, your food. In short exert an extra effort in securing all your appliances.
3. Get a good pair of industrial strength earplugs to free you from the loud screaming and wailing of children.

Of course, that isn’t to say that you will not have fun with this type of business. Because you surely will. Starting your daycare business could be really fun and exciting and of course could provide you with a good source of stable income. Not to mention it could also be a good opportunity for you to invest your time in as you will actually be able to find it as a leisure activity.

Therefore, if you’re decided on embarking on this new business venture, might as well start now. This will be a good opportunity for you to invest your money on and in no time, you are assured of a good and stable income not only for you but for your whole family as well.

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