A day care is a precarious place for an inexperienced hand. One needs to be adequately prepared both emotionally and intellectually to be able to survive the days with children. The specialist is the cornerstone of a day care facility and would be the success or the failure of the day care center. So what are qualifications of a day care specialist? Here are some of the minimum requirements for one to be successful in this field.

1) Properly trained and certified
Early child education is a highly specialized field of education. This pool of knowledge has been borne out of theory and practice of many experts on childhood care. Thus, having a university degree is one of the minimum certifications of oneís expertise in the field. This certification by way of a degree instills the discipline as well as the information needed to undertake the responsibility of being a day care facilitator. One can learn more by getting a masterís degree but the bachelorís degree would be sufficient to be able to be a trusted child care expert.

2) Well spring of patience
Patience, as many have said, is a virtue. So when one undertakes the responsibility of child care, the expertise must work hand in hand with patience. Do remember that these are children in their formative years of growth coming from differing backgrounds and temperaments. So in order to be able to reach out to them and be able to nurture them, one must have the equal patience and temperament to teach these children. One must be able to speak their language and encourage their growth. Without this patience, one becomes an ogre rather than a fairy in the day care center.

3) Loves children
This is the foundation of being a day care specialist. One must have the love for the children and the heart for the job. The love must be the love that would be able to support these children and make them grow and learn everyday. But one must be able to separate quickly since after all, they are other peopleís children. So in every batch, the day care specialist falls in love over and over gain and that love would nurture these children for their growth and development.

Being a day care specialist is no mean feat. One has to have the brain to earn the degree to be called an expert in the field. This involves years of study and practice to learn the intricacies of the discipline. One then builds on the patience needed to care for the kids while at the facility. Without this patience, the work would leave one broken by stress and exhaustion. Above all, one must have the heart for the job. The love for the children is the motive force for a specialist to be able to do the job and do the job well. The trust reposed by the parents is a tall order, and without these tools, one woul not be able to succeed in this field of endeavor.

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