If youíve finally decided to start your own daycare center, the first and most important thing you have to make sure that you have is the license to operate. Even if your daycare center is just a small business, you have to make sure that you still have a license that makes your operation and business legal. If you plan on establishing a business outside your homeland, it would be best to contact with the local government or the business entity knowledgeable on these things.

Applying for a license has several requirements. Be knowledgeable of what these requirements are to make sure that you have it all settled for you before you actually start operating.

Second, decide how big or small you want to start your daycare center with. How many kids do you initially plan to admit into your daycare center? Make sure that the size of your daycare center could accommodate the number of kids you plan to accept.

Actually, you canít decide on your own about the number of enrollees you want to take because there are regulations imposed by state government. They would oblige day care centers to supply a minimum area per child which include areas inside and outside the building. At least one hot meal per day is also desired. For every 20 students, one licensed teacher is needed and there should always be a nurse on duty while the class is going on.

A licensed nurse is actually not very necessary in your operation of a daycare center. Just as long as the parents of the kids are aware that there is no actual nurse hired and is still okay with it, thatís fine. Also, if you have basic knowledge on different and most common childhood sicknesses, that could be enough at the moment. When you sense someone is sick, simply bring him to the nearest medical canter and always guard the center with a first aid kit. Shop around for information about certain regulations in your area to prevent conflict with authorities in the near future.

The place where the kids will play should be a fenced-area. You can get an idea of what to do by driving around public play centers. Some of the basic equipments that should be seen are sandboxes, slides, swings, and jungle gyms. However, you can try to use your creativity as long as your equipment will meet safety standards.

You also have to be able to provide the kids with educational materials and other forms of learning like educational video games and educational activities like interactive forums and the like. These things will not only help educate the kids, it would also entice them to actively participate in the different activities your daycare center is offering.

Other than this, you also have to make sure that your daycare center is well guarded at all times. Kids could sometimes be too hard to manage therefore it would be safer if your daycare center is located in a gated area where there are guards who do rounds all the time.

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