Are you looking for child friendly activities that will amuse your day care center kids all day? You might find the right tips here. Games and circle-time activities are a must for all child care facilities. It is a known fact that children have so much energy in them and you need to help focus this energy into creative and learning activities that will help young children develop their skills and abilities.

1. Videos – Although there had been a lot of negative press about watching TV and videos for young children, a few educational DVD’s are worth having in your day care facility. You do not have to keep the children glued to the screen all day but a few minutes of singing action songs by imitating characters on the tube would not only help kids learn but also provide you with a bit of rest from all the running around and talking that you have to do all day.

2. The Alphabet – Young children are like blank slates and they are very hungry to learn more and more about the world they live in. One of the most fundamental learning they have to get is their language and the basis of language would be the alphabet. Children do not need to reach a certain age before they start getting familiar with their ABC’s. You can start with flash cards or picture books to help them recognize letters.

3. Doodling – Children need to develop their writing skills too and although most of them would be too young to really write in identifiable letters or shapes, they are always ready to scribble. Have lots of big crayons and pencils and paper in your day care facility and schedule a bit of time for the kids to sit on a table and write to their heart’s desires.

4. Arts and Crafts- Young children may be your best and most appreciative art critics and it would be so much fun to have them involved in their own art and crafts making classes. For younger children, you could have play dough (sculpture), paint stamping (painting), or pasting (collage). These simple activities can gradually become more complicated through the course of the year. For instance, you may start introducing cutting with scissors (there are scissors that do not have blades and those would be very suitable for a day care facility), or drawing recognizable shapes and then coloring these drawings in.

5. Play time – Your day care kids need their exercise and the simplest way would be to let them run around in your back yard or small playground. Activities such as these would also allow for learning opportunities. For example, you can teach your kids the value of sharing when you let them take turns on the swing set or on the slide. You will also be able to teach them about safety in the playground and even looking out for their friends.

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