Outsourcing has been part and parcel of the business world for a long time. One of the more recent additions to this family is the janitorial services. Instead of keeping a full-time and permanent cleaning crew, most businesses opt to hire outside cleaning services for their cleaning needs. There is a lot to be gained from building your own cleaning business, especially financially.

1. The cleaning industry has a lot of financial possibilities for individual business owners because of the fact that no one cleaning business dominates. Instead of having to compete with established businesses that get most of the clients because of its long history, the market is fair game for every cleaning business. Of course, this is not to say that you would not have competition, but the right advertising strategy could put you in a position where you can actually earn a very decent pay.

2. Cleaning is a very familiar territory to us, which means the standards are pretty attainable and universal. If you find it clean, then most people would agree. This means there is no clear delineation of how different each cleaning service provider is. You will probably concentrate more on the marketing and the image you want to have, plus the equipment you bring in before you start worrying about the cleaning itself. Additionally, a client usually will give you or provide you a list of what to do and what not do, or how they want their spaces cleaned.

3. You would not need a payroll. Most cleaning businesses are home-based and run by an individual who cleans by himself. This would mean that there is no need to hire and pay extra help, especially at the start. There is no need to figure in salaries for your accounting since you will be the only one getting paid.

4. There is also no need to purchase new equipment. Clients usually prefer to make you use their own equipment in cleaning their spaces. Although, you might probably want to have your own vacuum handy just in case a client who does not own cleaning equipment calls and asks for your services. Additionally, you will need to purchase some of the cleaning solutions and agents you will be using but these can be charged afterwards to your clients.

5. There is little or no chance that technological advancements will affect cleaning services and the tools and equipment needed for it. The main things you will be using in cleaning for your clients at present will most likely be the same ones you will be using in the future. If you do not want to invest in equipment, you can look at different stores that rent out cleaning equipment. However, this would mean less profits on your part since you have to budget in leasing fees.

The cleaning industry is one of the ventures in the service industry that are easy to break into. Moreover, because there is little or no capitalization involved, there are less risks o losing big amounts of money in case you decide to discontinue it.

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