It was one rainy, boring, Sunday afternoon when I sat in front of my computer. I’ve got nothing to do, so I’ve decided to browse anything from the internet. I suddenly arrived at a certain site that says “Cleaning Improves Mental Health”. The title really captured my curiosity. It states that while you are doing household chores particularly cleaning, it just not make your home clean; rather it also improves your mental health. Moreover, sustained activity like this can delay ageing process.

As I continued to browse the internet, I happened to read something about cleaning business. It stated that you can start with shoestring budget. Plus, the income opportunities are really great. A brilliant idea came to my senses. What if I put up my own cleaning business? By doing so, I can have an earning while living healthy. Realizing that, I started to look for pointers to start my own cleaning business. The secret in having a solid business is having clients that will stay. If your work is good enough, clients will be happy. Happy clients are most likely to get your services again. I also learned that RESEARCH is needed to keep me on the right track. Knowing the language of business and everything about it will be helpful in dealing with future problems. Plus, it will make me a better person for my business.

As I look for pointers to start my own cleaning business, I foresee myself to be successful in the said business I wanted to venture in. With hard work and determination, I know I can… and YOU also can!

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