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    Default Mega Cash Affiliates -, 4x7 Company Forced Matrix, PayPal & AlertPay

    I came across this ***** new program yesterday and I already have 17 people in my matrix plus $102 pending commissions. Talk about momentum! Here is the real kicker – it only costs $13 to join!

    Mega Cash Affiliates is a 4x7 Company and Community Forced Matrix Program designed to help anyone and everyone participate in one of the most solid residual cash-generators to date!
    This not just some program that markets lotions, potions, juices or some cash gifting program. It's a proven program with a compensation plan that’s designed to put you in Positive Cash Flow in DAYS... or even HOURS... not months!
    Some of the Key Features that makes Mega Cash Affiliates so Exciting and so Powerful are...
    Receive $21,844.00 per month, from one position. Multiple Positions Allowed.
    No experience required.
    No Sponsoring Needed.
    No Recruiting Needed.
    $5 BONUS for every referral.
    4X7 True Forced Matrix.
    A combined team effort will help you to earn in this program.
    Spillover system will give you free referrals.
    Spillunder system means your referrals are working for YOU.
    Access to TONS of Digital Products. (All with Resell Rights)
    Your own referral URL instantly and automatically.
    All your profits will be deposited directly to your account instantly, every month.

    Join Here Today: Mega Cash Affiliates

    How does Mega Cash Affiliates work?
    We are a social network company where people pay $13 a month to us in order to use some of our services (such as our forum, link submission, article posting, marketing services, and lots of products that we keep adding every month) and a spot in our affiliate program.
    There is a membership fee of US $13.00 per month! There are no other hidden fees. You need to acquire as many souls as you can because you are being paid for direct and indirect referrals. But don't worry if you don't know where to advertise. The company spends over 30% of its revenue on advertising so you can be sure that you will get a massive spillover from us and from other members.

    PLUS, you are paid a MASSIVE $5 bonus for every direct referral!

    Mega Cash Affiliates is a Company and Member Forced 4X7 Matrix, so if your upline has more than 4 referrals, you will get referrals (spillover) from your upline. In a forced matrix plan there is a set number of direct referrals you may have. If you continue to recruit new affiliates after you have reached that limit, they will "spillover" to become sub-affiliates of your direct referrals. For this reason the earning possibility through our matrix is really BIG!
    Affiliates earn $1 for every direct referral and $1 for indirect referrals. So with your referrals and your bonuses you will have made more than your first months $13.00 back with only 3 people referred. Not only do you gain money for every person you refer, but you also get paid for the referrals referred by your referrals and then for their referrals and so on, 7 levels deep. The table below is an example which demonstrates how your earnings will accumulate.
    The example shows that you can make $21,844 in monthly residual income by referring just 4 people, but as we do not limit the number of your direct referrals, you may refer as many as you can and therefore earn quite a bit more.

    REMEMBER, you are paid a MASSIVE $5 bonus for every direct referral!

    If you refer only 4 people and each of your direct and indirect referrals also refers 4 people each, your earnings will add up to:

    ...And that's NOT COUNTING Your $5.00 BONUS FOR EACH member referred!

    What do you need to Succeed?
    With a secured spot under your sponsor, all you need to do now is refer others to your Mega Cash Affiliates website. Remember you will have the efforts of your sponsor and the Mega Cash Affiliates team to help you fill your 4x7 matrix. Mega Cash Affiliates forces you to work as a team. That is how everyone succeeds.
    Promote your Mega Cash Affiliates link and marketing materials until you get at least 4 members!


    If you refer only 4 people and each of your direct and indirect referrals also refers 4 people each, your earnings will add up.


    What makes this system better than others?
    Instant Earnings
    With our MASSIVE $5 Bonus Per Referral. You are put into positive cash flow in Days... or even Hours... not Months!
    Company Advertising
    The Company spends over 30% of its revenue on advertising so you can rest assured that you will get a lot of spillover from us and from other active members.
    Advanced Security
    We don't allow any information to be changed after the registration process for security reasons.
    Guaranteed Earnings
    All members will get their $21,844 per month by filling their forced matrix. How fast they get their $21,844 per month is dependent on how well they advertise their referral link as well as spillover.
    Site's Spillover
    When someone joins the program without any referral URL, he will be placed under an active member whose Level 1 referrals is less than 2.
    Multiple Accounts
    All members can create as many accounts as they like using the same AlertPay or PayPal account. The system just requires different usernames and e-mail addresses.
    Co-op Advertising
    Unlike other companies, we do not charge our members for Co-op Advertising.
    At least 30% of the company's revenue will be spent on advertising ensuring a constant flow of new members filling the matrix on a daily basis.
    Nevertheless, we strongly encourage our members to promote their affiliate link on their own to get at least 4 new members in their personal matrix.


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    I’m a newbie here and great to be a part of this forum. I’ve gone through your post, which would helpful to me. Thanks for the post.

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