More and more mothers are working these days. And young children are being entrusted to relatives, baby sitters or daycare centers as the parents go to work. Daycare centers are preferable among the three. There are many activities for your children in the daycare center. These activities are educational and even develop your childrenís social skills.

That is why the demand for day care centers is continuously growing. If you want to establish a daycare center business of your own, thereís a big potential for profit and growth waiting in the wings. But before thinking about the money that business will bring it, preparing the necessary things to establish a daycare center is crucial.

There are things to be cautious about when it comes to making it profitable. Based on expert studies, an enrollment of 150 to 200 children will be ideal to give you an estimated profit of around $100,000 before taxes.

Itís not easy to manage people mind you. This is one of the more important aspects to consider as you go on with your daycare business. Itís best to prepare a checklist so you can monitor your progress.

The Building and/or Location

You can start big or you can start small. If your home has a spare room for daycare activities, then you can work around that. Check with your city hall for the requirements for a daycare center to see if itís permissible to operate it from home. You need to secure business licenses and permits to have it running. Itís also important to check the zoning regulation in your area and the local homeowners associationís rules.

The Financing

Will it be a sole proprietorship or you need business partners to finance the business? This is an important aspect in any business, how to sustain it. How much time and money are you willing to shell out? Do you see big potential of enrollees from your place? How many personnel can you afford to pay?

Daycare and Overnight Caregiver Programs

During the day, you and your staff will be caring for children. Do you also plan to offer overnight caregiver programs? How about the staff training? Would you prefer them to be highly experienced or you want to standardize their training and prefer those with little experience?

After these many considerations it is important to legitimize your operation. A daycare center is not just a business that you can put up without much planning. Entrusting the children under your supervision and care even for just a few hours a day is a big responsibility. Your daycare center must be able to educate them, encourage them to show off their skills and provide an enjoyable environment to keep them busy while their parents are busy working.

To gain the trust of parents, you can formulate a program that will make the children participate actively. Offer art classes and make your playroom safe and hygienic. Have a solid plan for facilities improvement. It need not be a one-time deal. You can improve the facilities as you go along the business. With the rapid progress of learning techniques, updating is necessary to keep up with competition.

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