There are a million and one ways for you to profit from your skills without having to be an employee. Having your own business gives you these opportunities; what you need to do is to assess your skills to make sure you venture into something that can give you success.

If you want to start a business that does not need a large capital and can give you instant and easy profits, you can look into the virtues of the cleaning industry. If you decide to start your own cleaning business, the potential is limitless. You can initiate by just offering one-man/woman services wherein you personally clean for the clients or you can have a partner or if you aim to be bigger, then a team.

The smartest decision would be to practice first. You can start a cleaning service at home and be your own cleaning man. You can use the vacuum you have at home for cleaning appointments with clients who require you to bring your own cleaning equipment.

If you start a home based cleaning service, you should look into the zoning regulations in your area for rules on using your property to create income. Other than that, you might be required to register a business name to acquire the necessary permits and/or license to operate. Since you will be in contact with other people’s property, see to it that you are bondable and insured. This does not only protect your clients but your person and equipment too.

Basically, the cleaning requirements your clients will have include disposing trash, vacuuming, and mopping, sweeping, washing windows (sometimes just the interior since outside windows would be left for specialized window washers that can handle cleaning windows for structures), cleaning and dusting desktops, bathroom maintenance.

With regards to time schedules, an office space would normally enter into contracts with you. The contracts stipulate how many times the cleaning would be required. This varies from office to office. Some would require twice or thrice a week clean ups and vacuuming, others would require daily cleaning, while others may require a person who can be in the office all day and then finish cleaning after office hours.

The cleaning requirements can also be affected by the type of industry the office is involved in. Most business offices have a ton of paperwork that you need to especially take care not to throw out anything important or those that may contain sensitive information. Other commercial spaces may need specialized cleaning like schools, where children are most likely to get virus and diseases from, and hospitals and laboratories that may expose you to chemicals and other hazardous elements.

Aside fro all that was mentioned above, there may be occasions that you need to finish tasks that are more complicated than the cleaning and tidying up mentioned above. Theses chores would include washing exterior windows, dusting the ceiling and light fixtures, maintain HVAC equipment, cleaning parking spaces, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, tile grouting, and Q-tip cleaning. These tasks are longer and more tedious but are special cleaning services that you need to offer your clients once in a while.

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