Now, you are decided to start up your own childcare business. Everything is set up, you are registered and licensed and very much ready to run your business. But in order to run it successfully, you need clients and children in your facility. There are creative ways in order to get kids, read on.

Yes, you need to put flyers to make people know about your business, but there is a creative way in putting flyers at malls, supermarket and so on. It is best to tape a small box at the lower part of your flyer and put business cards in it. The flyers and business cards should be well-designed, creatively made and catchy.

You can put coupons. Ask your local gas station or supermarket if you can leave plenty of flyers with coupons in it with something like 10% discounts for their first two weeks in your facility. This is a good way promoting your business; it can help you attract customers to try out your childcare center.

When you wish to hand out flyers, you have to go to places where there are plenty of parents with kids such as indoor playgrounds, children’s clothing stores and so on.

Create door hangers and hang them out to the doors of all the homes in your neighborhood. These door hangers should be creatively made and water proof.

Have some inexpensive pens and hand it out to people wherever you go. Make sure that the pens have information about your childcare business and contact numbers.

Of course, in having a facility for children, you need to provide the best service that the kids and parents deserve. In giving great services, you can gain more clients due to word of mouth. You can ask your satisfied clients to recommend you with their friends and families.

Create some t-shirts that you will let the children wear during field trips. The shirts should have the logo and name of your business. People will definitely notice it.

Have a newspaper ad; you can post an ad on your local newspaper. Just be sure to include all the important information such as your address, business name, operating hours, your special offers such computer lessons, dance lessons, discounts, freebies and so on.

Offer your current clients a referral discount. You can offer them $10 discount on the next week’s tuition for each referral that they can give you.

Be creative as you can be in promoting your childcare business in order to succeed.

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