Gaining profit is the firsthand priority of every businessman. You want any of your investments returned to you to make your business grow bigger and more successful. If you truly want to get your moneyís worth, you have to make sure you are charging it right from your services.

A first time businessman will have a hard time on how to start off his business. Placing a price on your office cleaning services take a long time especially if you donít know what are the competing prices are. Before you settle on those rates, do your homework and learn those rates from competing businesses within your area.

Before you think of pricing for our services, make a list on the possible bills and expenses that you will go through as your business starts to operate. Important bills such as office rent, water and electricity bill, phone bills is one factor in setting on a good rate. Another thing is the budget for your office tools, equipment, and your cleaning products. Remember, cleaning products exhaust quickly especially if you use them on a daily basis. Total your estimated expenses and determine the specified target profit out of the expenses. Most office cleaning services have an hourly rate of $15 to $40 per hour; and $.05 to $.20 per square foot Ė depending on the office space that you are cleaning. Through these competing prices and the estimated expenses, you will be able to figure out the rates for your own business.

Now you have the suggested rates, itís time to get more clients. This will be the hardest procedure since your clients will determine the future of your business. If many clients want you for your services, obviously, you earn money. However, if you are not earning enough, then something is wrong with the way your business is running.

To solve your problem on getting clients is to get your business advertized. Your office cleaning business must be promoted through proper means Ė and with the right kind of media tools. There are different strategies to get your business going. Pick the right communication strategies and learn the ways on how to use advertising.

Place ads of your office cleaning service in phone book yellow pages and at your local newspaper. They are a quicker way to get more customers. For a more personal touch, you can hand out flyers on the street and business cards to your friends and acquaintances.

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