With a little capital you can easily open this carpet cleaning business. Others open their business and started with less than few thousand dollars capital. They even start up with no marketing plans. They think charging the customer the cheaper price they will get lots of customers. They only compete with the price.

You can easily beat your competitors by advertising. It is your advantage if your competitor’s lack of education on advertising and no marketing strategy. It will be easy to beat them. First thing you will do is analyze why your carpet cleaning service is needed in the market place. Is your business has a selling proposition to attract customers? If you are just another carpet cleaner who is just competing with price, you better quit and get a real job. You must have aim in running your carpet cleaning service in your community.

There are different kinds of services you can render on carpet cleaning service. You can either have specialty like removing pet odor in the carpet, or you can offer the steam cleaning and fast drying, and high level service. Think any service cleaning about carpet that no other carpet cleaner offers. Make sure you give the customer‘s satisfaction in every service you render. If you mean high level of service, you should give it to your customers. Good and quality service you render with the customers will promote your business.

If you choose to be pet odor specialist on carpet, make some ads about pet odor. Make flyers regarding on how wonderful life can be with pets. At the same time promote your carpet cleaning service. Consumer usually prefers something unique. If you want your business to succeed think of something different that appeals your prospective clients. Try to be different with other carpet cleaner.

You could either pick up the carpet from your customers. Give them a free promotional discount or for every 2 carpet you clean they will receive 1 small bottle of perfume for their pets. Or any free accessories for their pets. Surely they will like your promotion and freebies.

Giving your customer with high quality of service, they will become your regular and loyal customer to your carpet cleaning service. You can also consider the pricing for every carpet. Carpet comes from different size and shapes. Make some listing on the pricing depending on carpet sizes and what kind of service do your customers want.

You also add flavoring scent for the carpet cleaning. Ask the customer want kind of scent he/she prefers. Some customer may like the idea but other may not, if they have allergy. But the good thing is that your customer can choose what kind of service they want. Your service will be different from other carpet cleaner. The more customers who are satisfied with your service, the more profit you will gain.

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