Are you getting tired in cleaning your bathroom and kitchen tiles because of mold, mildews and stains? Or you’re opening this kind of business and wondering what kind of cleaning product is best for cleaning and removing stains? Molds and mildews can be found inside or outside homes. These are common problem for every home. They usually attach to any surface bathroom tiles, bathtubs, and aluminum sliding door and even toilet bowl. There are materials which resistant to mildews are synthetic fiber, enamel, plastic or fabric wall covering.

You must have knowledge which proper cleaning products for this kind of stains. Molds and mildews are fungus that grows in a damp place. Cleanliness is the most important factor to reduce mold and mildew in your homes. Greasy oil and other stains are found in the kitchen. The main source of mildews is the bathroom. Most home cleaner are using chlorine bleach, because it is the best antidote to remove mildew. But there are some cases that cannot be clean with chlorine bleach.

There are proper way in removing mildew. Expose the affected area by using artificial lightning, if you cannot expose sunlight directly. Use brush and soap in removing mildews. Using ordinary cleaning agent doesn’t remove the mildew and stain easily. Cleaning with stubborn dirt and stain can be easy if you use the right cleaning products with every part of the house you are cleaning.

You, as having a cleaning business, you are a special formulated solution that can remove stain easily by most homeowners out there. There are different kinds of formulated detergent or agent that you can use in cleaning the carpet, bathroom and kitchen. You as having cleaning service can offer different cleaning service for bathroom sliding door, windows, kitchen tiles, bathtubs, toilet bowl and including cleaning carpet. For homeowner, why waste money in remodeling your bathrooms, kitchen by reinstalling new tiles, this is quite expensive and waste of time, you can just make use of a cleaning service.

Cleaning business like yours are professionals in removing stains on your carpet. Not to mention you can preserve the carpets of homeowners in original looks and making it clean and dry. Definitely, you use different method in cleaning carpet and you are using special formulated agent in cleaning carpet as well for the stubborn mold and mildews in the bathroom and kitchen of your clients.

Honestly, opening up and managing cleaning business can be profitable, provided that you use the right cleaning products to assure that you can give quality service to your clients.

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