In growing your cleaning service business, you would need to have a little bit of knowledge on how to create a strategic marketing plan to get potential customers to notice you. Here are some tips and techniques you can employ to advertise your emerging cleaning service venture.

1. Do your homework. Research on everything that you would need to create an effective marketing strategy. Even before you decide on putting up a cleaning business, you must have some knowledge on the business of cleaning, which your competition will be, how much you can charge, and what market you can tap. Use these data to create a unique marketing scheme. In order to become noticed, you need to offer something fresh or unique to your cleaning service clientele. Sometimes, highlighting the more neglected aspects of cleaning can become your most powerful tool. For instance, if you notice that most of the cleaning services in your area fail to have a feedback form after cleaning services are rendered, create your own and guarantee that if your customer is left dissatisfied in any way, you will address it and give a big discount in the next cleaning appointment they schedule.

2. Get to know your potential customers. Just like any other consumer, a cleaning service client has needs that change over time. Be sensitive to these changes and adjust accordingly. Nowadays, for example, there is a clamor for the use of natural, or “green” products to clean homes. Have this alternative in your bid form or inform the clients that they have this option. You can even make this another form of profit for you by offering maintenance “green” products that are hard to find in grocery stores or supermarkets.

3. Acknowledge the fact that not all forms of advertisements are effective. Instead of trying to market your cleaning service through all forms of media possible (newspapers ads, radio ads, business phone directory, brochures, flyers, etc.), establish which one gets the most responses and cut down on your advertising expenses by concentrating on that area. If for example you find out that most of your phone calls from clients stem from you giving out flyers in the supermarket, then by all means, expand on this concept.

4. Consider having limited promotions and discounts. For a start up business, hype still does wonders. Create a scene for your cleaning services even before you show up on your first cleaning gig. This way, you also catch those people that are not actively searching for a cleaning service but may welcome the idea of trying your cleaning skills. Promotions and discounts are easy means to getting quick attention.

5. Lastly, your cleaning services’ reputation can only be built positively if you follow through on what you advertised. If you do not deliver what you promised in your advertisements, you will watch your business spiral down even before it goes up. Make sure that you impress all your customers by turning out quality cleaning.

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