After all the media coverage on the damage human activities have brought upon our home planet, more and more people are acutely aware of the fact that changes have to be made now. People are encouraged to look for ways to save Mother Earth starting in their own households. As a cleaning service business owner, it is also in your hands to make sure that you give your clients the option to use “green” products in their homes.

First and foremost, an action that does not involve any cleaning agents but is an inevitable part of your cleaning business is trash segregation. You should educate yourself and your cleaning staff about the segregation program designed by environmentalists and endorsed by the government. You can also unobtrusively create awareness in your clients by bringing in the specified plastic containers for trash segregation whenever you come in for a cleaning appointment.

To create an aromatic environment in the home you are cleaning, you can choose to use flowers as air fresheners instead of using synthetic ones. These products contain a lot of toxic chemicals that not only harm the environment but can also harm people, adults and children alike. Researches show that the pollutants inside the house can come from cleaning products that release scents full of VOCs or volatile organic compounds. This can cause allergies or irritations in the skin, the eyes, and adverse respiratory reactions.

As a responsible cleaning service provider, you should also take it upon yourself to learn about the different products out in the market that claim to be “all-natural.” There are many materials that can be called natural as they are made of natural products but have to be combines with other chemicals that can cause them to be harmful. For example, plastic comes from petroleum which is naturally found in the planet. When buying cleaning products, check and read the labels instead of just looking at the front with its “eco-friendly” tagline. If you are already learned in the basics of “green” cleaning, you can choose to make your own cleaning products using ingredients such as coconut oil, eucalyptus, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. There are different websites that can help you in making your own, environment-friendly cleaning solutions.

If you really need to use strong chemicals to disinfect a house you are cleaning then be sure to just use the proper amount. Additionally, protect yourself from inhaling or getting these chemicals on your skin and hands by using protective gears such as goggles, gloves, and a mask. Cleaning products that you may need to use, especially if you are cleaning a house that has been left unoccupied for too long or housed a diseased person include very hazardous products such as corrosive drain cleaners, acidic toilet bowl cleaners, and any agent that contains ammonia or chlorine. Always let the fumes evaporate completely before letting your clients use any of the household areas you have cleaned using products such as the ones mentioned.

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