Ever wonder how to get hired for a cleaning job without having to waste your time? So many cleaning business owners worry about how to impress clients by all they can do, they end up wasting so much time. Why would this be a waste? Just imagine having to prepare for the proposal and presentation, dressing up, going to the company’s contact person, stressing out – so much energy expended just to find out that you get denied the job. There are two things that would probably cause the rejection; one is because the client is still in a contract with a different cleaning service, another is because you did not offer something different.

Between the two, you would rather have the first situation, the one wherein the customer would probably look for you as soon as the contract that binds them is over. With the latter situation, it means that customer would not even give you a second thought. And that is how you waste your time. Now, if for example, you thought about offering to talk with them for only 10 minutes? You not only catch their attention, you also get to save on your time as well.

So how do you catch that client in 10 minutes or less?

1. Send your company profile, proposal and bid estimate befo*****d. Make sure that all of these are stated in a clear but concise manner. Most people, especially the ones who are busy, would only read the first paragraph of each page, or the first few lines of each paragraph so make it worth their short attention span.

2. Do not wait for them to get back to you or play telephone “tag” with them by calling them every couple of days to follow up. Give them a reply sheet to fill out; nothing too complicated, just interested or not interested. If they’re interested, let them write down the details of the appointment. If they’re not interested, get referrals. By the time that you get back the reply sheets, you will know which companies to stress over, and which companies to contact again in about 6 months.

3. Once you get a positive reply, call back that company immediately and confirm the schedule. Do not sound overly enthusiastic over the phone or start pitching in your ideas then and there; it would be too annoying and may lose you the opportunity. Don’t you find it irritating when some telephone marketers persistently try to engage you in a conversation when making sales?

4. Sit down in front of the mirror and practice your proposal. You should know exactly what you wrote in what you have sent, and be able to expound on it if asked.

5. Practice introducing your company and an overview of your services in two minutes; this means you get to highlights only the difference you have from other cleaning businesses.

6. After then, spend the next 5 or so minutes asking the client what his company needs. Be interactive and don’t forget to take down notes! He’ll be so impressed you will probably get a cleaning job in the next 10 seconds.

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