Even if you do not have a background in taking care of children, if you are building a day care facility, chance are you are very interested in them. You might be a mother yourself, taking care of your own little darlings. In establishing your daycare center, you will need to stack up on books that will be beneficial to the kids.

There are various books that can be found online or in bookstores. Most libraries also hold sales for the books they would like to change. Library book sales are a good option for those who would like to start on a smaller capital for a home based day care facility.

As we all know, through popular psychology, books are a way of getting kids to develop their language skills, social skills, and creative prowess. That is why you might want to brush up a little on your children’s literature knowledge. Not all books are created for every child. As children grow up, books become more and more complicated and more suitable to the learning they could handle.

When you try and find books online or in a book shop, you will see that they are always categorized to age group and to the topic. Since you are dealing with very young children, you will want to stick to the more fundamental books. These include those that have a lot of colorful pictures, larger print sizes, and shorter stories.

There are dozens of topics to choose from so let’s just try and see how many we could discuss.

First there are the alphabet books, which you should really have a lot of. This way you are able to give each child a chance to hold on to one book for a long time. There are 26 letters and 26 pictures to look at and chances are - the kid would not want to share until the last picture has been dissected by his prying eyes.

Counting books are also necessary, and just like alphabet books you may want to have a lot of these too. Recognition of numbers is a must for every child and would help them greatly when entering formal schools. Try to get counting books which have pictures in them so you get the kids more interested and curious.

Animal books are a fun addition to your bookshelf. Children no doubt love animals, real or in photos. This could also jumpstart fruitful conversations like caring for their pets or the different animals that they see in the zoo.

Aside from these, you can also add classics to your collection, like fairy tales and other magical or mythical stories. Books that are good for reading out loud activities would include those that have rhyming lines and words that would capture the child’s attention.

Some of the top rating children’s books of all time include A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh, Dr. Seuss classics, Curious George, A Bear Called Paddington, and Where the Wild Things Are.

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