The question “What qualities do I need to start a daycare?” is the common question of most people who wants to put up a daycare center. Aside from being a daycare worker, you'll become a teacher, a mentor and a caregiver-someone children love, trust and learn from at every turn. You'll also learn about yourself, and discover new strengths and abilities you may never have known you possessed, such as patience and creativity. Moreover, other qualifications have to be met in order for you to start a daycare business.

• First, physical needs such as feeding, safety sleep and hygiene should be considered. Emotional needs should be met because they have to have social interaction with others. And lastly, Intellectual needs include training, teaching, behavioral management and teaching.

• Settle your business permits and insurance.

• Supply your daycare with equipment and supplies. These include, furniture, toys, kitchen supplies and first aid kits.

• If you can’t do this alone, hire your best team. They must be equipped with positive daycare worker attitudes for a harmonious relationship with you and the kids.

• Plan daily activities. Everything has to be unique everyday. Provide a daily schedule with all enriching activities for kids and keep a track of all parties and occasions that kids certainly love.

• Establish policies and guidelines for you to have an organize daycare center.

• Settle all money-related matters. Keep a track of your finances and evaluate your potential profit. This may help you if you plan to expand.

These are just some the qualities to start a daycare center. You deserve to have a career of you own on daycare business.

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