Cooperative daycare is a group of families in a community that decide to share the tasks of handling children by swapping with their extra time with each other than spending money for someone to babysit your child or children. With this, the members of the cooperative have the access to child care services so they do not have to get a paid babysitter for their child.

There are lots of benefits to a cooperative daycare. For beginners, this one is easier and more affordable than babysitting, than relying on about 1 or 2 carers that at times are not available. But having access for about 10 to 20 families, it would be easier to find someone quickly.

For parents who do not have family nearby, the best option that they can get is to bring their children to the coop, so they can spend few hours without their children without the additional costs of child care of baby sitter.

With the costs that one can have in getting paid baby sitter, some are rather using cooperative daycare to provide regular care. Sharing the tasks among other families can make it much easier in looking up for the children.

If you are putting cooperative daycare, a group of parents should come together with a goal of creating a parent-run daycare. There are lots of principles that should be considered in putting up a coop. Read on.

You have to provide safe and caring home to children. You have to assure the healthy diet for the children such as organic, vegetarian and balanced. Make sure that the place is safe and has a healthy environment and free from pesticides and any toxics that can be harmful to the children’s health. In having a coop, you have to focus on providing the special needs of the children either health, dietary or behavioral matters. Assure that the social and educational level that you would be providing is high. Make sure that the cooperative daycare works not only for the children but for the parents as well. With this, parents can be flexible between caring for their children and as well their careers.

There are factors that can provide you success in putting up a cooperative daycare. In putting up a coop, you have to set all the rules first, so everyone will know how the process will work. How large or small will your coop be? The best is a minimum of 5 and maximum of 25. What will be the starting point of each family? How will they be introduced? How much time should each family provide?

These are few of the good ways that you need to consider in putting up a cooperative daycare.

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