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    Default Don't you want to sit back and relax ?

    Aaah, you DO want to sit back and relax and get cash every month ?
    Do you want to get a monthly additional income of 5592$ for which you only have to work for say half a year, and only invest around 100$ for ?
    Interested ? Read this !
    Total Team Work is a group of 40 people that, together with a webmaster of a Paid to Read program is starting to build an income online with the program BBS-Global Diamond Elite.
    The product this program has is REAL Internet (Marketing) Training. You will learn how to promote any program you are a member of and be successful in it with the help of professionals. You will receive FULL SUPPORT via email, phone or Yahoo IM
    Our group of people will sponsor at least 1000 people into this program via Paid To Read Programs, Forums, Guaranteed signup programs, safelist advertising and other advertising (newspapers, flyers etc.) This means WE WILL PAY their signup and make sure they get downline so they will join us in the build and sponsor people as well.
    Of course we don’t stop there, we will continue to build the team, together with YOU… TOTAL TEAM WORK we call it.
    Join us !
    (the teambuild will then start under you!)
    We will subscribe at least 12 people under you making your income 30$ ! (the program costs 20$ a month)
    At that point we will ask you to advertise and sponsor 27 people yourself, giving your 3 direct downlinemembers a downline of 12 as well. They will then be making 30$ a month, and you will ask them to sponsor 27 as well. (the 27 downlines cost you 27 time 3$ only, since you get 17$ signup bonus for each of them !)
    If you are signed up and decide not to continue you just don't pay next month's fee, it is that simple...
    You see, you can't loose !
    A Few More Facts on the program!
    - The product is Real Internet (Marketing) training
    - 3 x 6 Forced Matrix with only 1092 members
    This means every member only has 3 members below them !
    Income Potential Explained:
    Level Members Per Member Income Per Level Accumulated Income
    1 3 $1.00 $3.00 $3.00
    2 9 $3.00 $27.00 $30.00
    3 27 $2.00 $54.00 $84.00
    4 81 $2.00 $162.00 $246.00
    5 243 $2.50 $607.50 $843.50
    6 729 $6.50 $4,738.00 $5,592.00
    Totals 1092 $5,592.00 a month

    - Multiple Matrix positions are allowed and even encouraged
    - $5,592 a month income potential from every position
    - Sponsoring people is NOT Mandatory
    so you don't have to do anything if you don't want to
    - A Massive $17 Instant Bonus per member You Do sponsor
    - The program pays out a massive 85% to all members
    - BBSGLOBAL is investing 51000$ each month to build this program ! This means 17000
    new members (17000 times 3$ signup costs!)
    Admin TotalTeamWork
    Email [email protected]

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    Not bad,but as for me it`s hard to figure out with all these matrix. And I want admit that price is not high.

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