But only when we work together ....
Total Team Work is a group of 40 people that, together with a webmaster of a Paid to Read program is starting to build an income online with the program BBS-Global Diamond Elite.
Our group of people will sponsor at least 1000 people into this program via Paid To Read Programs, Forums, Guaranteed signup programs, safelist advertising and other advertising (newspapers, flyers etc.)
We currently have a list of 653 people that want to join ! We want to start the teambuild as soon as we have a list of 1000 people that want to join.
Join us directly and help us build via
(the teambuild will then start under you!)
All people that join us will receive an email from us ONLY WHEN they are making money and have at least 12 people in their downline to join in the teambuild to expand their own downline by 27 members. (they will be under YOU, making YOU money)
If works like this :
- you will get 12 people in your downline for FREE so that you are allready in the money. The program costs 20$ a month, with only 12 people your income is 30$ a month.
- at that point you will be asked to invest 81$ to sponsor 27 people (27*3 (you pay 20 you get 17$ signup bonus so cost is 3$ only per member))
- those 27 people make you 27*2$ monthly as well, so after you sponsor you get 84$ monthly!
- your first line 3 people will have 12 people in their downline as well, so are making money and should then also sponsor 27... Of course you get 27*2$ as well from their effort!, again making YOU more money
Check my site Total Team Work WILL work ! for further details !