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    Default How to use twitter for marketing your home business

    Hey guys, I want to talk about Twitter in this post. Twitter HAS to be a part of your Social Media marketing strategy, it’s a great source of traffic to reach your target market and potential buyers. Your stuff can potentially go VIRAL- retweets! Great for branding! You can find your market on Twitter- MILLIONS of people use Twitter.
    3 things to keep in Mind while Twitter Marketing.

    1) Setting up your profile- 1. If your profile looks decent, generally people follow you back when you follow them. Should not look spammy! Put your read photo in your profile. You can brand yourself in the cover photo instead of putting up your MLM Company’s/products pictures.
    Put your blog & Facebook link in the profile.

    2) Content- If you’re posting your affiliate links all the time, it looks spammy.
    People won’t do business with you if you’re SPAMMY all the time. It makes people run away.
    People ONLY care about what’s in it for them…So share valuable content- information which helps them, inspiration, entertainment. Build rapport with people. Then, putting your capture page/affiliate link once in 2 days is okay…Don’t spam, give value. Period.

    3) Simple concept, to get the juice, you give the juice.
    Engage with other people- retweet/favorite/comment the tweets which you like.
    Engage. Its Social Media, you cannot just post your stuff and go.
    This is one of the ways of letting people know that you’re there, as they begin to notice you, go to your profile, follow you, they start retweeting you as well. (As long as the content and profile is good, this is what generally happens)

    If you are getting retweets, reply the people and thank them, look for all the ways you can ENGAGE.

    What do you think?
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    Twitter is definitely one of the most important social media for generating traffic to your website/blog.

    However, do not neglect Facebook which has a huge following especially among younger people all
    over the world. In second place as regards traffic comes Pinterest which has become increasingly
    important especially if you are targeting female customers as the majority of its users are women.

    In addition to these media you should consider using Instagram as part of your marketing arsenal.
    Keep an eye on popular emerging media as this will be under used and you can get a competitive
    advantage at this stage before everyone appreciates its importance.
    101 Ways to Get FREE Traffic to Your Website
    - Even if You're a Newbie!

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