Hi this is yes the old Neno,

I have tried to reach admin many times over the past few months about my new project that has been under a NDA for the past 14 months. Wanted to give him the heads up first but no response. Most may remember me cause of Greenzap that turned out to be ran in the end by a dude that messed it up by manipulating the stock. It has been a long 8 years since then.

I would like to introduce something kinda the same plan but totally different concept. I can only invite 5 at atime so if interested, please use that NDA invite asap so I can invite 5 others. This is available in over 100 countries for use as soon as it is ready but you can now start your ripple. Please use this link for more info, hopefully Ray contacts me soon: http://www.toptopictalk.com/showthre...full=1#post583