I have a proposal to you that might interest you.

I will pay for your chance of a fortune !
TeamEarners Internet Entrepreneur Membership Site
I recently joined teamearners. The program itself is quit simpel, you pay 13$ for 6 months and get access to all kind of resources on online money making. So you learn to make money and can put it to practice right away as well !
You can make money via this program by getting people to join you.
You get 2$ per person that joins, 5 levels deep.
In short :
people $ per p. $ total
You find 10 10 2 20
Those 10 find 10 100 2 200
Those 100 find 10 1000 2 2000
Those 1000 find 10 10000 2 20000
Those 10000 find 10 100000 2 200000
This will leave you with $222220 ! every 6 months !
This is my proposal : I want to pay your 13$ signup fee for you.
Only thing you need to do is use the tools below to advertise it.
Best would be for you to also register/ pay for 3 to 5 people yourself, since this will give you a boost in sales.
Let me explain... If you pay for say 5 people you pay 65$. You will get 10$ in return directly (the referral bonus). If those 5 people pay for 5 people they pay the same = 65$ and get 10$ in return. Those 25 however give you 50$ so you are allmost at breakeven. If those 25 pay for 5 you will get 250$. If this story continues you will get 7810$ .. of course if it works you will not stop at 5....
Do you think this could work ?
I will sent you :
- my list of safelists, forums to advertise for free
- a list of cheap paid to read programs (you can advertise for around 1 dollar to thousands)
- a List of 120000 email adresses from Free-Leads (this program has captured email adresses
of people interested in making money online)
- the free-leads site giving you 1250 fresh email-leads weekly
- a forum poster to autopost to forums
- another list of 1200 safelist to advertise for free
- all the help you need from me to make this a success, I will also advertise for you!

If you succeed I succeed and we will all succeed !

If you are interested, please reply to this post or email me at [email protected] and let me know that you want to try this...
I will believe you on your word


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