Hello Everyone,

As you all know: MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook or other online networks are making Million of dollars per month through advertisements. But, we as members didn't get a dime out of that. So here is your chance to get your piece of the pie (80% of the advertisement revenues will be given back to us as a FREE Member. Again, this is just like Linked In or MySpace, there is No Charge. Check it out for yourself and listen to the Live Conference if you have any concerns. I am not going to push it, but if you are interested: Log on Now to sign-up through me as your Referral/Friend at:


It does not cost you anything, so I'd give it a run.

Just think, we all have 2-3 of these types of accounts to chat or advertise our business. Here's another one, but this one will reward us as a Free member. Worst case scenario is that you'll get another account to advertise your business or to chat. The best case scenerio is that you'll be getting paid (How big, depends on your community of Friends) every month for doing the same thing you're doing now (ei. MySpace, Linked In). So log on Now:


P.S. "If you have a MySpace, Linked In, Facebook or other Accounts, let all you friends know about this because it will benefit you and them. Also to prepare for the Launch in this coming August"

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