In today's nurse staffing environment, operating at optimal efficiency is paramount and the back office is certainly no exception.

GuidetoStartaNursingAgency Backoffice allows organizations reduce costs and create competitive advantage.

The time spent performing low-value manual tasks involved with the physical filing and handling of paper is significantly reduced, freeing employees to spend time in functions that contribute more value to the business. Providing fundamental accounting functionality for a nursing agency of any size. Now you can have this efficiency, by combining the first fully integrated, industry-specific payroll and billing and systems.

The number one solution to all your nurse staffing needs:

Employee Information
Client Information
Perform Background Check
Daily Time Record
Skills Evaluation
Generate eCheck
Generate Invoice
Create Job Order

* Eliminates data entry and possible for errors with complete, integrated front and back office functionality;

* With a single point of entry, information will be designated orderly from sales activities, applicant tracking, job search and placement to managing job orders, payroll, invoicing, and reporting.This is broad staffing recruiting software.

* Access to information at your fingertips all people (with rights you control) have real time access to the data they need.

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