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    Default This NEW Marketing Tool merits a VERY Close LOOK!!

    This Awesome new Marketing Tool is certainly worth a look at!
    Hi there

    I think you will like this, a friend of mine introduced it to me ...
    A Fantastic New Tool to help YOU build YOUR Business.
    I am using it, it's awesome ...
    just click on the Link below and watch the short video that tells you everything.

    When you get into the link above if you look to the right of the page
    you will be able to see the videos I have put together, so simply,
    using this Tool ... You'll love it ... Enjoy !

    As an example here is one I did earlier for my FantaZ Business
    If you like what you see just click on one of the Stage banners to get one like mine

    Kind Regards
    My Very Best Regards

    Mel Baxter-Smith
    iGrow Independent Associate ..
    The iGrow Network Teaches YOU How to become a Social Giant !

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    Here is how I started marketing without a website but
    it also works if you have a website, twitter or
    facebook account.

    Write articles with great keywords. Find a digital product
    online first, they are all over the net. Find one that has a
    50% or greater commission or just send them to your
    website, twitter or facebook account to get more friends
    or hits. You see facebook and twitter are really just your
    personal website.

    I found that using a lot of good keywords in my articles is
    what gets them read. Of course you need a good keyword
    tool to find the good keywords. This is what makes a reader
    want to read your articles. Use the keywords in first line of
    the article and in the title. Then find other related keywords for
    the text of your article.

    Then sumbit your article to newsletters, article directories
    and other places (try free article submitter). You will be
    selling products online within a day once the directories post
    your article. If it is for a product that people want you will make
    a ton of sales.

    The good thing about this you wont even need a website
    because you will be selling other peoples products.

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