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    Default JUST 12 hours Till Launch.

    This Just a reminder for ALL that E4L will launch tonight at midnight PDT. starting tomorrow it will be an offical launch that we have all been waiting for . If you WANT to JOIN do it NOW while it is still in PRE LAUNCH HERE IS the latest anouncement from E4L ADMIN MR. BRAD MORSE. Get in HERE FAST>TODAY!

    Hi Team,

    Wow, you have all been real busy and so have we. The days are
    blurring into each other. I just wanted to give you an update to
    let you know what's coming. Those of you who have been attending
    the calls know all about it this and are very excited.

    First, we will only be selling the VIP room pass until 31 Jul 07.
    We will not be selling these passes starting 1 Aug. If you get the
    pass you become a (VIP) member when we launch. You will get all the
    extras and of course on the VIPs can buy Paid Customer Sign Ups

    We will never again sell VIPs and if you're a VIP it will be for
    life. You will also be invited to special fun functions we will be
    having like a VIP cruise and vacations. We are going to have fun.

    If you have not yet purchased a VIP pass you are down to hours now.
    You only have until midnight on 31 Jul 07. If you are mailing in
    your order then it must be postmarked by 31 July. If you have not
    yet received your pass then please us the link below:

    Entertainment 4 Less - ShowBiz is our Biz

    Now for those of you who want to purchase CSUs you need to know
    that we can no longer sell them at our very discounted price. These
    will be people joining to buy products. So you will be receiving a
    customer for life who makes you money. Cool.

    You can still order them for our discounted price until 31 July 07.
    On 1 Aug 07 the price for CSUs will go to the final price of
    $12.00 per CSU. Remember that even then only VIPs can buy them.
    This is still a great price for a paying customer but you can take
    advantage of the lower price if you order before 1 Aug so you
    better hurry if you want them cheap.

    I also need to let you know that 31 Jul 07 is the cut off to win
    the Mystery Prizes. You know you want to win these but we have to
    end the contest and announce the winners sometime. We will end the
    contest on 31 Jul then take a few days to make sure people who put
    in to be marked as paid are counted as it can take a few days to
    mark someone paid.

    That is one of the prize criteria to have the most paid personal
    sign ups. So we will make sure everyone gets marked paid and
    counted. The prizes are as follows:

    1. 2 drawings for 1% of our profits monthly for 1 year
    2. 2 third place prizes of 1% of our profits monthly for 1 year
    3. 2 second place prizes of 2% of our profits monthly for 2 years
    4. 3 first place prizes for 3% of our profits monthly for 3 years

    Now those are prizes worth winning. Again void where prohibited by

    You could win a prize that will be giving for years to come!

    Next month is the month folks. This is it. Next month you will get
    to see the web site, the back office and we will start selling
    products. Later we will open the Super Savers Club for more profits
    and then open our Wellness Center for even more profit from repeat
    monthly buyers.

    Isn't this exciting? When we start we will be doing REAL BUSINESS
    and not trying to convince people to do something, to buy something
    but we will see people join who want to for the savings on what
    they want.

    You will find this pretty easy to do. Attend our next Saturday
    Call. Please look at the back office as the times will be changing.
    You will see the time changes in a day or two. Join all the others
    who have been attending from all over the world.

    Well that's it for now. Please remember to use the forms to contact
    us and please only submit it once. Also if at all possible please
    try not to call us at this time as we prepare for the transfer of
    the web sites and migration into the new back office.

    We will leave the old site up until all is ready and anyone joining
    through that site will be brought over into the new site so you
    will not loose any sign ups. I will update you weekly until we
    transfer over. Not too long now and I can't wait!

    Are you ready for a Very Merry Christmas? I think we all are and
    please don't forget to come to the Vegas Convention on 21 Aug at
    the Excalibur. It is going to be a blast.

    That's all for now so take care and I will see you all Saturday.

    Brad Morse
    Marketing Manager

    E4L.BIZ, 9136 E. Valencia #110, PMB# 171, Tucson, AZ 85747, USA

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    Is this posting in the correct section BOB :-) ?

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