Ok here is the deal.

A admin I know and been in his other program(paying) over a year just started this great new program.

So simple, so easy.

For every $2 advertising position(you get unlimited banner ads) you will keep cycling(position) until it earns you $200.00!

Site takes Egold, Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay.

Now you can do 2 things: Join For Free and earn 10% referral commissions and the first $2 you earn will be used to buy you a position and then you are free to do what ever you like with the profits.

Or: Buy up to 3 position per day and watch your profits explode. You buy as many positions per day you like from your account balance.

Ok my offer to you.

I will give you 100% of my referral commission on first purchase up to 60 cents(3 positions).

I pay with egold, but you can join site with one of the 3 E-Currency above.

Send me a PM with user name at site and EG #.

Thanks, bullion

Join Here.

ebizv.com Money System