Win dollars by lending 1% of your computers processor.

The steps are easy. Register, Download, Run & Earn!

Everyone gets 1 free trial thread to start.

Paid threads are valid for a year.

Payments as the following image describes:

- You don't have to necessairly have your computer turned on 24 hours. You'll earn the time your computer was on.
- 1st Level Referrals you get 20%
- 2nd Level you get 10%

Teambuild rules:

- Request your NIL
- Register and download the program
- Send me your link through PM or email if you dont have the PM system working.
- Post a screenshot of your program running and earning (not mandatory, but quicker to get your refs)
- Only active registrations count (members that have downloaded and are running the program)

Screenshot Proof:
- Click in "Stats" and then in "Summary".
- Take the screenshot of the whole program window.
- Post here or send me by e-mail.