Our team build for Cloud 2x2 is already in progress. Everyone in 2x2 needs a referral to be qualified. ONLY ONE. Therefore this is a great program
for a team build. We are getting each person their referral in a next in line fashion. Due to the boards splitting, there might be several next in line progressions. This is to everyone's benefit.

The payouts are significant. Not like any daily sub program. The cost is a little high but it will be well worth it.

Have ready $135 in Payza, STP or Credit Card payment.

Please PM me for a link and you will need to be ready ASAP. Let's build a great team here.

We have a skype room also.

The boards work like this:

Silver - Earn one E-PIN (worth $125) which you can use to PIF, buy another position or sell.

Gold - $500 plus $500 Reentry

Emerald - $1000 plus $1000 Reentry

Ruby - $2000 plus $2000 Reentry

Diamond - $7000 plus $2000 reentry

So these are not "puny" payouts and you do cycle fast. It is follow your sponsor but not in the usual way. The boards do split so we are specially placing people NIL to help them cycle fast.