Coopers Corporation is a new company which offers a revolving 2x2 matrix that pays out a total of $20,375 cash rewards upon cycling its 4 board tables.
Right now it's very hot and amazing and will be the best one available now in Internet. This company provides real product for all its members and wonderful marketing plan. The program is still in PRELAUNCH on the last stage and a number of things will be added to the site in the soonest time. The official start will be in the next 1-2 days. But currently we can already sign up and start earning money.
The project has the same boards as GetawayClub - 2*2 matrix. But it also offers two stages to become the partner - pre-qualification with $125 membership fee and main
program with $250 membership fee.
The payment and payouts are done via E-gold, Webmoney and from internal account balance. CC payment is considered to be included later.

Compensation Plan:

SAPPHIRE matrix pays you - 125 USD
RUBY matrix pays you - 250 USD
EMERALD matrix pays you - 3,000 USD, or notebook ASUS Lamborghini VX2S - as you will wish
BRILLIANT matrix pays you - 17,000 USD

Some important details about the program:

- If you join for $125, you will be put on the top of a small 3 slot matrix. You must invite two people to progress to the main program starting from SAPPHIRE matrix.
- If you join for $250, you will be instantly put into SAPPHIRE matrix.
What is the difference? Just you can save your money paying $125, but not $250 at a time. But if you pay $250, you will be put into the main program immediately. Though in any case I advice you to invite at least 2 people so that someone other could not jump you on the board. And if you can invite more, it will be very profitable for you. Why? Please read below. :)

Main Bonuses:

- Direct Referrals Bonus - You receive $50.00 for all your direct referrals who just enters the SAPPHIRE matrix. So the more people you invite, the more money you get. Eg., 6*$50=$300 you will get just for registering your people into the program. And you will be already in a profit. :)
- Team Bonus - you get each time anyone on your team under you cycles a board, up to 7 levels deep - from 5% to 0.5%.

Company's Product:

- Personal hosting up to 1Gb for any purpose.
- Own professional internet store with your own items wich you can distribute and earn.
- Partner internet store with the products of the top world producers such as ASUS and respected local producers. You will receive interests from all sales.
You can actually achieve the $52,000 total cash rewards in a month or more upon cycling all boards by just referring 2 people and helping them do the same. Within the last week after starting the registration some of us already got minimum $3375 and it's even not counting the direct referral bonus. And other members are planning to take notebooks instead of money because notebook ASUS Lamborghini VX2S is an excellent choice and one of the best notebooks.
I welcome you to Coopers-Corp team. We are very dynamic and purposeful and moving very fast.


- If you join the CoopersCorp club for $250 via my link, you will get an instant $50 bonus from me to your account balance.

- If you join the CoopersCorp club for $125 via my link and invite two referrals who also joins the club for $125 but under your link, you will get an instant $25 bonus from me to your account balance.

I am sure this promotion will help all of us to build the strongest CoopersCorp team of the leaders and people who wish to achieve their success in the shortest terms. :)

We are the first in this project and I invite you to be still one of the first.

I have the direct contact with the company's representatives, so if you have any questions please feel free to post and I will ask them for the answers.

To join Coopers-Corp Club please click here:

If you will have problems with payment while registering, please contact me personally. I will explain you in details how to do the payment.

Let's start earning BIG MONEY to help our dreams come true!!!