Well, Woot.com has partnered with Yahoo.com. For those of you who do not know what Woot is, then you might as well check it out. Basically they offer a new deal every day until the product sells out. There are some incredible deals at Woot, on all sorts of cool gadgets and electronics.
Here is a part of the press release:
Over the next 24 hours, loyal wooter, you’re going to hear a lot of nasty rumors about Woot getting into bed with a big corporation. We’re here to tell you that they’re all true. We’d hoped to announce the grand opening of Halliburton.Woot tonight, but our security clearances were revoked (long story). So we turned away from the dark side and found one of the good guys to work with. Beginning at midnight CDT tonight, Woot and Yahoo! will be partners in a new venture we’re calling Sellout.Woot. (We’d link to the front page right now, but we can’t, exactly. More on that in a minute.) If you need a light for your cigar, you can use one of our new hundred-dollar bills.
Anyway, the Yahoo partnership should allow Woot to expand and offer larger quantities of each product they have available. The main reason I am posting this blog entry is because I wanted to let our readers know about Woot.com. I have bought several products from them at extreme discounts.