I will rebate rolclub forum members $30 (egold or PayPal) for using and sharing XanGo juice for 3 months.
Conditions: You are in a country that Xango ships to. (The list gets larger every few months.) You are not already enrolled with XanGo. You enroll at my 4x.GoMangosteen.com - Welcome site with at least an inital 2 case order and 2 case autoship. (A case to consume and a one to share monthly.) Rebate payment will be made after the 4th month, if there are no product returns.

I am trying to encourage others to give the XanGo juice a fair trial. I also intend to demonstrate that I can help them start earning residual income. My intent is to place members that respond to this offer in one power leg so they get the maximum benefit from the volume generated.
XanGo has grown to the 4th largest direct marketing company in USA, after only 4 years in business. See why they all want to be the next XanGo.

PM me here that you enrolled under this offer. Include your name, and your egold or PayPal info.