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    Default Free egold for you- just make one post/vote to get started

    Work For Gold - A Get Paid Community

    Pays your weekly ,1 cent per post

    From now and until the end of may we will be running a referral competition.
    We are offering $100 in prize money to the top 5 referrers. Here is how the priZe money will be allocated.

    1. 1st - $40 USD
    2. 2nd - $20 USD
    3. 3rd - $15 USD
    4. 4th - $15 USD
    5. 5th - $10 USD

    Only members who sign up and make atleast 1 post will be considered active in your downline. We will post daily updates of who is leading. To refer new members either use your referral link or have them chose you as their referrer when they sign up.

    All winners will be announced June 1st and will be paid out the same day.

    The object of our forums is to set our members up with a chance to earn e-gold by posting and voting for programs that have bought advertising packages off of us.

    We pay our members to vote & post across all of the popular hyip discussion forums and monitoring web sites. Program admins will pay Work For Gold for these promotional packages, we will in turn pay our members to deliver the advertising for a specific amount of time, We are serving the advertising industry and monetry desires of WFG members.

    These forums were pre-launched May 23rd so we can build up an initial member base and will officially launch June 1st at which point we will be selling advertising slots & promotional packages to program admins to generate a stream of e-gold to reward our members as incentive payments for promoting our sponsored programs.

    We never ask you to give money, only to give your time. it may take a few months for this program to grow but if you stick with us we will reward loyalty because we understand you our members make this program work.

    Admins can browse our HYIP & Autosurf admins folder for product info & pricing.

    We cannot honestly give you a solid amount, there is so many key factors that will determine the amount you earn. As our forum gains exposure and we build a solid member base we can then attract more program admins to purchase our promotional packages, Imagine being a program admin and being able to have 5000 people at your disposal for promotion, this would be a dream so program admins will pay, and they pay well.

    While we are in our infancy I wouldn't expect to become rich from the forums, but stick with us & help us grow and we could turn this into a really great money making opportunity for all.

    Work For Gold - A Get Paid Community



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