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Cost: $50 one-time enrollment fee and a monthly purchase of 80 points for $20 (1 coupon = 1 point).
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Organizational Bonus: Earn $2/member (up to $2,728/mo.) and 3% of advertising sales revenue.
Help us grow: We ask that you help us find at least 4 new members (earn a referral bonus of $20/new member).

Become an Account Rep (Part or Full-Time):
Sales Commission: Earn 50% on advertising sales revenue.
Organizational Bonus: Opens 6th and 7th level and increases potential earnings to $43,688/mo. plus the 3% residual.
Training Bonus: Earn significant income training your team to be successful.
Director Bonus: The Cash Coupon sets aside an additional 5% of advertising sales revenue as a bonus for its leaders.
Requirement: Obtain $300/month in new advertising.

Advertising Cost/Listing (membership): $300 (<1000), $400 (<2000), $500 (<3000), $1000 (>3001) - 50% off additional listings.

A Simple and Realistic Opportunity:
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