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    Default EXW Wallet: a new star in the crypto sky?

    26.11.2019 - crypto-currencies represent a solution for many applications. Most of the digital currencies are focused on new payment systems, others are a secure system of contracts, so-called smart contracts. In addition, there are many more use cases. For example, EXW is a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, a trading platform and cash investments in one. We present EXW Wallet in this article.
    With EXW you can trade various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

    What is EXW?

    EXW executives already have years of experience in digital transactions and the stock market. The expertise comes from ViVa Payment Solutions of Klagenfurt. EXW Global AG of Liechtenstein is responsible for the services.
    The goal of EXW is to leverage the huge opportunities that blockchain brings for promising payments and investment opportunities. Thus, the cost of various cryptocurrency products should be easily settled through the EXW payment service, which is due to be launched at the end of may 2020. On the other hand, EXW Wallet, EXW Exchange and EXW Car Program are already running.

    Video presentation

    What is EXW wallet?

    # EXW wallet is a digital wallet for numerous cryptocurrencies. Here you can easily manage all coins in one app. Deposits and withdrawals are also possible here, as well as access to further services of the company. The dashboard displays the balance of all currencies. The presentation of current Euro rates facilitates the overview. In addition to the EXW wallet, the app also provides access to Exchange.


    What is EXW Exchange?

    #Cryptocurrency exchanges are mainly related to some obstacles. EXW has the ability to link your wallet to the exchange. This facilitates trading and direct access to assets is possible at any time. On the EXW exchange, cryptocurrencies can either be exchanged among themselves or exchanged for Fiat money. For example, offhand you can use the Euro against bitcoin and exchange Co. or its ether-coins straight into Ripple conversion.
    In addition, EXW offers an easy way to send digital money to friends, acquaintances or business partners. Thus, the company even creates competition PayPal. Responsible for EXW Exchange is Viva Payment Solutions, which has already accumulated experience in this area before EXW.

    What is an EXW token?

    In addition to the #EXW wallet and exchange, the company has also created its own EXW token to provide fast and secure payments for various services. It is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, the EXW token is an ERC-20 token .
    The EXW token is used to ensure payments between users of the system, as well as to pay for other services of the company, such as the EXW Car program. In addition, a credit card will be issued for the summer of 2020, which, in addition to the EXW token, will support other coins.

    Also, earn money with your EXW wallet

    As an additional service, EXW offers a kind of bonus program for EXW token users. Anyone who holds EXW coins in their EXW wallet receives a 0 to 0.32% return on other EXW tokens every day. This system uses the company to make its cryptocurrency more interesting and generate investments. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the company and users. When you reach the maximum return per month, almost 10% of the profit is possible. At the same time, the potential increase in the value of the coin is not even taken into account.
    To participate in the bonus program, EXW tokens must be purchased and registered in the program.


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