PRE-START! Something grand begins with - May 1, 2017! Borrow your place on time! REGISTRATION IN THE PROJECT!
This is a Swiss company registered in the commercial register in Canton / Zug. It's all about a solid crypto-coin, which clearly stands out among all other companies, such as OneCoin, and so on! (Production speed is faster than Bitcoin 10x) with a hybrid structure and brings an instant enumeration of digital crypto coins in circulation.
1. No tokens (splits) of difficulty levels or lock periods for participants!
2. Partnership plan up to 11 levels
3. Immediately from the very beginning, it will be quoted on 2 crypto-exchanges, and the coin will be immediately sold!
4. Purchase of crypto packages via start packages (5 - 10,000 )
5. GUARANTEED price for the purchase of crypto coins by the company itself
(Below the course - increases with him)!
6. The value of crypto-coins from the very beginning among others, supported by physical gold and precious metals
7. PROTECTION! Crypto-coin will be supported by precious metals and participation in growing companies!
8. After purchase, you will find your coins in your personal protected (patented) E-Wallet (without tokens)!
9. FIRST crypto-coin with REAL material value!
Security: 100% DZNT
Speed: 75 t / s (10 x before bitkoynov)
Anonymity: 100%
Technique: a hybrid chain of blocks!
Circulation: 500,000,000,000 coins
Proof of work - Proof of a share!
Crypto-coins have been created and are now waiting for a new owner!