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ItShrunk Advanced Shrunken
URL Cloaking Service

* NO Top Framed Ads to distract from your website!
* Shrink all your long URLs for example:

Turn this URL:









into this shrunken URL:


Which one would you rather cut and paste into your browser?

* Cloak your affiliate links and "buy it now!" URLs.
* Redirects statistic: (IPs, geo-data, referring sites, timing).
* Hide your URL for privacy.

Advanced Options

* Tags - Customize the "tag" for your URL.
* Link Expires - Set expiration date on the link - great for temporary download pages.
* Password protect a link - only allow people with the password to see the page.
* Bulk submission - add multiple URLs all at once.

Add to Popular links

* Fill in a title and a description before you click "Shrink It" and your link will be displayed on our link page - great for search engine popularity!

Even better news: this shrunken URL service is FREE TO USE and you don't have to register to use all of it's functionality (except URLs editing).

Attention Web Site Owners!

The benefits of the above Short URL Widget on your site are:
It returns the ItShrunk shrunken URL to your members without ever leaving your site!
It protects your core URL from getting on a spam block list.
It protects affiliate URL�s by cloaking them.
ItShrunk provides stats, which other short URL services do not.

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