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    Smile MyTurn4Bucks is the latest CRAZE !

    Hi All,

    Whether you have joined MyTurn4Bux yet or not, I thought you might
    like to see how successful it has been so far. This is turning out
    to be a real winner.
    This are excerpts of a message I received from an EXPERIENCED AND SUCCESSFUL internet marketer.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    I joined MT4B and invested the first time on the 14th of September.
    I started with $350 in the Bonus Plan which pays 11.06% a day or
    350% a month. Since then I have long since pulled out my original
    investment and a lot more and reinvested a few times.

    I also have a lot of referrals and that pays 10% commission on their
    deposits. With 119 referrals so far that has earned me $2,618. I do
    not expect anyone to duplicate what I have done with referral
    earnings. I just want to show you how much that can add up to and
    then show you how much just the interest has paid from my

    This is a snapshot of my progress so far...

    Today This week This month This year Total
    Your deposits: $0.00 $700.00 $700.00 $2,153.01 $2,153.01
    Your earnings: $38.71 $1,500.57 $687.39 $2,968.00 $2,968.00
    Your withdrawals: $0.00 $1,098.95 $698.95 $2,692.95 $2,692.95

    My total investment now is $2,153.01. All but the first $350 came
    from my earnings. As you can see I have also withdrawn $2,692.95
    and currently have another $200 withdrawal pending that will be
    paid in the morning, making it just under $3,000 taken out.

    It's a little bit after midnight so only one of my investments has
    paid out for the current day. That was my first $350 in the Bonus
    Plan which 11.06% comes out to $38.71. I am actually earning a total
    of $227 a day in interest.

    Oh, I should also mention that I took $850 of my withdrawals and
    opened another account under my wife's name. That is also in the
    Bonus Plan so it is paying $94 a day. Well over $300 a day now and
    it has only been 2 weeks and 5 days.

    There are a few things that stand out with this one. It is not based
    on stocks or forex trading but on advertising affiliate products.
    Something else that makes me feel better is the fact that they
    accept credit cards and PayPal. If they were scamming people they
    would risk losing the majority of what they took in from chargebacks
    and disputes with PayPal.

    I just got approval today to withdraw more than the daily max which
    is currently set at $200 (to help make the program last). I asked
    for this while at the same time suggesting they add a member to
    member transfer option. What I want to do is help people get funded
    for this quicker and easier and I need to have access to some funds
    to do that until they add the new feature. That is, if they decide
    to do it. If not they will allow me to keep doing this so I can help
    more people get in.

    Some of you don't want to wait to fund one of your accounts.
    AlertPay takes at least 5 business days. SafePay can take twice that
    long. Other people don't have a credit card to fund from or your
    account is not verified so you are limited to how much you can send.
    What I can do is help you speed things up a lot but I can only help
    1 or 2 people every 2 days or so based on how much I have available
    in my account.

    If you need help, email me. I normally withdraw to AlertPay or to
    Liberty Reserve from MT4B. You tell me how much you want to swap
    for and I will send you instructions to send me cash in the mail.
    You can send it overnight or priority mail. Just depends on how much
    of a hurry you're in. I will only take cash though. Once the cash
    is received I will send the funds to your AlertPay or LR account as
    fast as I can. Normally within minutes of the mail being delivered.
    If you don't want to trust me on this that's your call. I have done
    this sort of thing in the past and I can assure you I am honest and
    only trying to help some people out. You will have my name, email,
    and my mailing address and phone number. I won't hide anything from

    There is a good chance I could get slammed with requests for this.
    I will reply to your email quickly, unless I'm sleeping, and let
    you know how long the wait will be, if any wait at all.
    Sorry for the long email. Oh, one more thing. I must stress this!
    Never invest what you cannot afford to lose. We never know about
    these online investment things. Some have lasted for years while
    others only for weeks. If you invest a considerable amount, which I
    would consider $500 or more, make sure you get your original
    investment back quickly. With this one that's easy to do because
    your earnings post to your account balance daily and you are allowed
    to withdraw daily.
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Here's the link again...

    Earn Passive Income
    The Affordable Affiliates Network
    "The Network That Gives Back"

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    I was not paid.

    Now I have 5 pending withdraw requests (16th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd) 4 of $200.00 each and one of $189.77.

    I reinvested $905.00.

    I never received more than one withdraw request in the same day, despite the number (or amount) I had pending.

    Admin, I do not know what your criteria is and do not care, just pay me please.

    Today I am in my first day of my second month and do not reach my ROI yet.

    To whom will have 11.06% per day it is a little disappointed...

    Admin, I will really appreciate if you process some of my withdraw requests, please.

    Thank you very much.


    MT4B Username: pls2010

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