Are you a Britsh expat? Outside of the United Kingdom and needing to watch the BBC? Don't know how in the world you can watch your local British tv shows live while in another country? Or do you live abroad now and wish you could have brought the BBC with you?

Don't despair any more! International Alliance Privacy Services has you covered! No matter what country you are presently in, we can help ensure you get your BBC fix as soon as possible. Don't miss East Enders, Dr. Who, BBC News, or any of your favorite tv shows any more!

Even if you live in the most government oppressed or restricted countries, our services will work for you. And its all done right there on your pc or mac. As long as you have an internet connection, our services will work for you!

Want to see a little more than words? How about a 24 hour trial account? Actions have always spoken louder than words and we are fully prepared to show you how it works, how to set it up, and provide technical assistance if you need it all before we even get paid. How can it get better than that??

Choose from the options below for the account that would suit your interests best:

For just BBC's iPlayer service, you will need this account: UK SSH Account.

For BBC, Zattoo, Ch4oD, ITV, you will need this account: UK VPN Account.

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To request a trial account, please submit your request here. and be sure to specify which type of account you'd like a trial on.