What is Blog Defender?
Blog Defender is a complete system to protect your WordPress sites against hackers and other risks. It comes with 6 videos concerning the fundamentals and more advanced tips how touse 3 WordPress plugins to completely protect your sites.
Since there are hundreds and hundreds of WordPress blogs hacked every single day, this particular package is invaluable for all who desires to make certain a (brute force) hackers attack hasn't any chance to be successful.
And even more important, in case you've been hacked or perhaps even a brand new plugin messing your own blog, you're able to reestablish your website within minutes without sacrificing all of relevant data and time to recuperate.
Main features of Blog Defender
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Website Defender 2018 - 3 WordPress Plugins
Blog Defender can help you with Your security issues via these 3 WordPress plugins:
Automated Backups. Understand how to automate and schedule your backups as professionals perform.
Wp-security. With this plugin and the videos you will end up fully shielded.
WP Scan & Repair. Find and remove malware as well as other awful files/open doors.
Website Defender learns you everything you need to know and gives you the tools to fully Secure your WordPress website through both of these media tutorials:
Website Defender 2018 - 6 Video Lessons
Video Module No 1 Preparation. How to shield your files at home and what's the best way to put in your WordPress plugins?
Video Module Number 2 Backup WordPress.
Video Module #3 Security Plugin Setup. Find out how to setup all your settings for the best security.
Video Module No 4 Scan WordPress to Malware. Discover how to use, installation and program WordFence for scan your documents for infected and malware files.
Video Module #5 Hide your own WordPress vulnerabilities. Hide your log in space and transform the admin client, content directory, and database prefix.
Video Module #6 Defend WordPress using a Firewall.
Exist any defects?
In the event that you follow all of the steps, i.e. install and setup the plugins as exhibited from the videos, you are better shielded than 99% of all the blog owners.
Is it fully bullet-proof? Not, there are no guarantees you won't be waxed. However, at least if this happens, you own your copies and will bring up your site right away again.
The actual power lies in the blend of those 3 tools: copies, malware prevention and extra security protection to your website.
And the best part is, that you can decide just how frequently, and exactly at what time, you wish to copy or run a malware detection app. You certainly can perform it before every theme/plugin upgrade or periodically.
Of course, the best approach is always to backup before you install or upgrade a plugin/theme.
What's the difference together with all different plugins?
There are a few plugins that you can install and use within a few minutes.
With Blog Defender, you're utilize 3 Wp-Plugins. And you'll learn alot about the real risks and you're going to discover several strategies to secure your website.
These other plugins are more for bloggers, who do not want to understand about all the technical details, but only need to get protected in the shortest time as possible.
To say it in percentages. With all these other plugins, we will we protected 80% much better compared to all the blog owners. Blog Defender increases that percent to 99% (should you follow all of prescriptions).
Why should you get Blog Defender 2018?
Because it's really the full system and also the best way for routine WordPress users to protect themselves against hackers, malware, and other security issues.
For a small period during this special re launch, you can get Blog Defender 2018 (with programmers rights to utilize on boundless personal and clients WordPress blogs) for $42.00-$47.00 (one-time payment).
Just during the launching, you could find a few extra dollars off using discount code"bdearlybird" (the coupon number will probably fall during the launching ).
The deal has a 30 day no questions money-back guarantee period.
Up Sell or OTO?
There are two up-sells. All existing and quality products sold by Matt Garret -- Gain Marketer, the creator/seller of Blog Defender.
Only by going through the earnings funnel, you can get them for 50 percent off.
The very first up-sell is the option to buy Cloud Defender Guru ($37.00-$47.00). Nowadays you receive the best system for creating the ultimate on box security for the WP site by using Cloudflare.
It works together with website Defender to provide you with maximum security for your money internet websites -- so that your contentleads, and income stay safe.
It won't only lock your entire provider, but will even speed up your site loading times, meaning an over night boost in conversions.
At this time you'll get hundreds of WP plugins and themes together using developer rights.
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