Creating your own personal videos is all of the rage and one of the hottest tools on the industry right now is VideoMakerFX. VideoMakerFX was launched mid-May and immediately started breaking records for absolute amount of sales in JVZOO.
I wrote a post about it minutes when I purchased VideoMakerFX because it has quite an wonderful video creation tool.

I frankly found it super easy to use and urge adding it into your marketing toolbox, but with a catch.
The catch and making this review not the same as all the others is I ardently praise the solution however, needs to admit that I requested a refund.
Now before you think I'm one of the sleaze-bags which make purchases only to look for a refund but keep items, '' I assure you I am not.
I shall explain my reasons and also acknowledge that I can't use the item any longer because my permit is no longer accepted. And that's how it should be.
Everything I Enjoy About VideoMakerFX
More Details:
Pretty cool animation for creating friendly, personable videos. Nothing elaborate, you almost certainly have seen similar, however it's the style which rotates.
Each of the videos that you create belong to you -- you can do whatever you want using them, they don't really reside within an outside platform they are yours to store wherever you wish.
20 royalty free audio tracts to satisfy your audience and also to help communicate your message. There is everything from common ad tracts, light hearted festive tunes, slow even tempo tracts, and also some marginally enjoys styled.
Over 240 animated slide scenes for producing background pictures and images
Easy to comprehend guides, a forum which I didn't test out, and super support
Compatibility on both the Windows and Mac platforms and HD image quality
It's only one single reasonable price point at $57 than the usual regular subscription fee, but that is $10 more than I paid therefore it appears like the cost is indeed escalating.
As I write this post the current price special price of $ 5-7 lasts only 6 or so hours and then I feel the purchase price will increase.
Just click the link for the reopening special cost of $57
Where VideoMakerFXis a Perfect Combination
VideoMakerFX is ideal for announcements, say when:
Announcing a new product release
A brand new business opening
A brand new service that you supply
Promoting Your Kindle or even eBook
VideoMakerFX is ideal for any function or promotion using sales or landing pages. Only create a well-designed video, add it into your website, and receive social with it to encourage visitors.
Allow me to give you a good example. I am working on a brand new site with an internet affiliate marketing focus targeting the affiliate marketer and providing howto education, tips, and resources.
That really is my promotional media created using VideoMakerFX.
Why VideoMakerFX Was not My Cup of Tea
It's not that I fell victim to some phony claims or hyped-nonsense in their sales page.
Actually their sales page is really on the mark and also explains VideoMakerFX nicely. What I missed is that each slide within VideoMakerFX holds a restricted number of characters plus I discovered this too restrictive.
That's it, plain and simple. VideoMakerFX is designed for short, lead snippets of earnings backup. Since Sargent Friday at the old Dragnet television series would state,"just the facts ma'am".
I fully understand the style and why this is the case. Being a marketing tool, how you want your message to be:
Short and to the point
Targeted to your audience and geared to create them take action
My aim with VideoMakerFX was to make tutorials and product reviews. However, I found it hard to do this by this type of limitation of personalities each slip. It delivers on what they advertise, just not everything I needed.
You really should take a look at VideoMakerFX, it can be exactly what your organization requirements. Are you currently one of the many to purchase VideoMakerFX? If so, please talk about your opinion of the popular media creation tool.