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    Promote and grow your business for FREE!
    20,000+ Members and growing very fast!!

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    I say if ya can get an internet Job a low paying internet job that I see is six figures. & there is also food for thought make sure you gat a good business plan where you can really stick it to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT just like they stick you alls ya need is a good CPA. Don't worry it will come make sure you have a great tax advisor is my best thought.

    OK i Have been waiting a yr & there is a few spots left for this try it you be amased. & GOD BLESS YA anyways since Brian & Sharon went to jail I have been going to church & praying for them they were paying how could it be a scam but this has been taken forever & there will be nomore money left cause the monies will have been eaten up in fees. look this over join the forum see for your self that this is going to happen & it's secret.

    Nano-Detonators are the greatest thing since sliced Bread.

    Hello... You owe it to yourself to at least take a look at this!!

    Run your current car or truck on HYDROGEN FUSION!!!!

    Please read this email carefully and thoroughly..... And then call or email if you have questions. There is a great conference call tonight. Email for call info.

    Here is some additional Enviro-Green Technology that we all can be partnered with. There are over 600 million autos and trucks on the road in the US today!! You will no longer have to wait for some auto manufacturer to build a hydrogen-fueled vehicle. You are driving a hydrogen vehicle right now; all you need is a few extra parts of some incredible new technology!!!

    Watch the videos on the web site to get some brief history of the development of hydrogen as a fuel by several engineers and inventors over the past 8 to 10 years, do your own due-diligence, and then decide if you want to be a part of the biggest revolution in the auto industry's history.

    Hydrogen Fusion Technology has been developed and is currently being beta tested which will allow your current existing vehicle via Nano-Detonators to run entirely on hydrogen fusion, with absolutely no other fuel such as gasoline or diesel. With Hydrogen Fusion, the hydrogen fuel is technically drawn from the ambient atmosphere and the humidity in the atmosphere and is being injected to create combustion in the piston cylinder. This is a complete jump into the future of hydrogen fueling technology, way beyond creating hydrogen gas through water electrolysis. The vapor (or hydrogen / oxygen gas mixture) is created by radio wave frequency modulation, so this is the next evolution for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

    Initially other than the cost of the license, which makes owning the Dealership Franchise legal, the actual Dealership is ~FREE~!!! The $195 for the Dealership License is a reservation to hold a Dealership area in your name, a commitment to allow installation of the equipment on your vehicle, additionally to pay referral commissions to the promoters, and to pay some minor expenses of the Company. The license fee is a reservation deposit which is refundable when we go public, so there is really no risk, although the time line is based on 2,000 licenses placed with those who will agree to have their vehicles converted.

    ~Free~ Dealership means the Company will furnish and pay all expenses of the franchise to convert up to 150,000 internal combustion engines from gasoline/diesel to controlled hydrogen nuclear fusion. In reality, we are offering ~free~ licenses, ~free~ Dealerships, and ~free~ delivery of a set of Nano-Detonators, but we need committed people which is what the reservation offer does until when it comes to doing an IPO, going public, and investor's funding in the next phase. The Company will not be selling this equipment to the customers .........
    they will be leasing it !!! You as a Dealer, will receive $25 per month from each of the 150,000 customers assigned to your Dealership. It’s time to grab a piece of this big pie !!!

    The Company is also paying referral commissions on the license purchase on two levels, 30% ($58.50) on your frontline, and 10% ($19.50) on your second level signups for the Dealership license. To secure your area for a Dealership, they are going by Counties (Additional Dealership zip codes are to be put into the "comment section" on the purchase order form) Call or email me if you have questions.

    The link below will take you to the Hydrogen Nano-Detonator website. Go to the banner on the very bottom of the page to sign up as a ~free~ affiliate. Click on the banner on the "top of the page" if you want to secure a license for a Dealership, (only about 1,200 left nationwide) the cost for the license is $195 plus $15 for shipping & handling. Lock in your area with a license for a Dealership!!!


    [email protected] <-If you need more info contact me I try my best to answer your questions if you buy a dealership & it all full up then Mike will return your monies for real this is not a scam I say hell yea to the USA getting first dibs

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