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Second, make sure you qualify for the WOW BONUS by helping your 2 referrals get their 2 (Totals just 6) in your 2x2 matrix. This process completed will renew your Executive position with TPSU every month.

Referring is not compulsary. The web page says to refer 2 people, that is just the strategy in promoting & building a downline.

you can fill this small matrix with efforts of your upline, downline and yourself

IMPORTANT: Qualifying for the WOW BONUS will continue to renew your Executive position with TPSU month after month allowing you to earn a residual income.

Your Own Debit Card (Withdraw money from any ATM Machine).

Here is how TPSU monthly residual sales plan works. When the monthly subscription kicks-in the 3 level Plan will pay the following way.

Qualify as an Executive by filling your wow10bucks 2x2matrix.
(REMEMBER: Your $35 monthly purchase is already paid for, if you’re Wow10bucks 2x2 Matrix is completed and $10 subscription is active).

Executive Earnings Potential
Level 1 pays $5 per person. You have 3 people on your first level x $5 each =$15
Level 2 pays $10 per person. You have 9 people on your second level x $10 each = $90
Level 3 pays $10 per person. You have 27 people on your third level x $10 each =270

Your monthly income each and every month = $375 ($340 Net)

This would earn you $4080 Per Year, a 408% return on your 10 bucks.

Now u can upgdrade to CEO member of TPSU and earn from "Level 4" you can earn up to $4,425 month in and month out.

You could earn up to $53,100 Per Year…

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